First of all, the word “Aura” refers specifically to enchantments with the Aura subtype. This site © 2020, LLC I think he knows that he often has the best deck at the table and if you're going to bring a powerful deck you've got to be ready for a little resistance. Bruna, Light of Alabaster rulings: 2012-05-01: Only Auras that could legally enchant Bruna may be attached to it, whether they’re being moved from other permanents or being put onto the battlefield. If opponents wanted to put his cards into the graveyard, it made perfect sense to play a commander that would make him want them to do just that. 4 Comments. When Bruna attacks or blocks, you can attach any number of Auras on the battlefield, in your hand or in your graveyard onto her. Sigarda, Host of Herons. It is foiled out and sports a custom alter from JB Alterz, shown above. Black comes first. Jared falls into the latter category. In the early game as you're trying to ramp up to the point where you can play and swing with Bruna, you'll want to put your key auras into your hand or into the graveyard. Control is a key part of Jared's strategy when playing Bruna and that starts with counterspells. Bruna, Light of Alabaster. You're not looping into extra turns like a Narset deck and you're not trying to kill the table all at once like a top-tier competitive (cEDH) deck, so you need a way to keep the pain train rolling along. This deck doesn't run a lot of creatures so you aren't going to be leaning on having a big army to keep you safe. Others settle upon a favorite Commander and spend years honing and perfecting a deck until it is just a real force to be reckoned with. Average Type Distribution. Replacing Eldrazi Conscription with Ethereal Armor doesn't make the deck terrible but it will hamper your ability to clear tables. Auras only target as spells. For 6 mana () this 5/5 Angel has Flying and Vigilance. What is Avacyn, Angel of Hope? If you put an Aura card onto the battlefield without casting it, it just becomes attached to an object it could legally enchant. Jared is running Mox Diamond, Chrome Mox, and Mana Crypt and his land base has a Tundra and every fetch land he can run. Greater Auramancy will prevent someone from throwing a wrench into your plans by exiling any of your auras. They provide magic that wards against the desecration of dead humans. It was slow and clunky, had an average converted mana cost (CMC) around 6 and wasn't particularly competitive. Leaving Bruna on the field for a turn before you can attack is asking for trouble, and often that first attack will load her up with enough auras to keep her safe. It might seem strange, but a huge graveyard full of janky auras might actually be more likely to attract a Tormod's Crypt or Nihil Spellbomb than just a few cards even if those cards are key parts of your strategy. Diplomatic Immunity not only gives Bruna shroud, it also has shroud, making it exceedingly difficult to remove. Thanks for reading and I'll see you next week! This site is unaffiliated. 70 decks (0.016%) Rank #193. TappedOut.js Blog Widget. In the absence of Avacyn, they remained the most active guardian force and continued on to reinforce wards that protected the human populations. Bruna, Light of Alabaster $ 3.90 – $ 7.50 Custom Handmade Bruna, Light of Alabaster proxies made from real Magic the Gathering card with many different alternated arts available for purchase. I actually thought it'd be pretty hilarious if I was able to get Eldrazi Conscription attached to Narset and then he killed me with a +20/+20 Bruna by using BOTH of our Eldrazi Conscriptions. That means you can steal any auras you want to steal and you get to cheat the casting costs for each and every aura in your hand and in your graveyard. (100 cards, 80 distinct) - Replenish, Bear Umbra, Estrid's Invocation, Hall of Heliod's Generosity, Enchantress's Presence, Tuvasa the Sunlit, Arixmethes, Slumbering Isle The top card for Jared's Bruna list has to be the biggest, baddest aura of them all, Eldrazi Conscription. After an overloaded rift, you should be able to figure out who needs to get a visit from Bruna before they are able to rebuild their board. (100 cards, 86 distinct) - Tundra, Gilded Drake, Intuition, Mana Crypt, Force of Will, Cavern of Souls, Mana Drain It just doesn't seem to him like there's anything worth getting upset about, no matter badly one particular game might go. In both cases, he didn't seem that upset about it. As it turns out, he hasn't, and in 2016 and early 2017 his list probably wasn't up to the challenge. I've played against Bruna and I've talked at length with Jared so I think I have a pretty good feel for how to play this deck. It is resilient and powerful, but it is also somewhat straightforward. Red might not be the worst color in magic, but outside of Chaos Warp it has very few ways to deal with Bruna and her enchantment-fueled murder sprees. He plays for fun and while he enjoys playing a strong deck and playing it well, his enjoyment of the game comes as much from the social side of the game as from the competitive side of it. White can be a problem and sometimes it will even come before Blue if you know the decks you're playing against. 39.48 tix 1 Mythic, 33 Rare, 31 Uncommon, 17 Common. I love this deck and I have a lot of respect for it. Privacy statement | As you may know, I don't just play and write about Commander, I also run a Commander league at a local game store every Saturday. Gisela, Blade of Goldnight. Magic the Gathering, FNM is TM and copyright Wizards of the Coast, Inc, a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. All rights reserved. If you put an Aura card onto the battlefield without casting it, it just becomes attached to an object it could legally enchant. The four archangel sisters defended humanity: Sigarda, who protected the living, Bruna, who protected the dead, Gisela, who fought monsters, and Liesa, who consorted with them. An important thing to know is that you need to really understand what your opponents' decks can do to stop you. I think if he set his mind to it and actually made it every Saturday for a few months, he'd be able to put that notch in his belt, but I don't know if he even wants to win a month. You're running lots of tutors, draw and filtering to make it easier to get everything in place. A pared down Bruna list, or a cheaper list with more auras can still be a lot of fun, and can still win games. The feeling behind cipher cards might be similar to the feeling behind Auras, but mechanically they aren’t the same. Whenever Bruna, Light of Alabaster attacks or blocks, you may attach to it any number of Auras on the battlefield and you may put onto the battlefield attached to it any number of Aura cards that could enchant it from your graveyard and/or hand. What you'll get is a finely tuned list that is capable of winning a lot of games. Bruna and the other angels of The Flight of Alabaster personify the Blessed Sleep and are associated with the Hunter's Moon season. Shroud won't interfere at all with Bruna's ability. If that sounds like the sort of challenge you might enjoy, maybe you'll find that Bruna is worth giving a try! Another way to discourage your opponents from casting spells is by making them more expensive. Get Battle Mastery, Eldrazi Conscription and Diplomatic Immunity out of your library and you can kill someone without flying blockers. Since you can't counter every boardwipe, it's well worth including Indestructibility in this section as well. Idyllic Tutor and the tutor-on-a-stick, Heliod's Pilgrim (not shown) will only get you one aura but that is often enough to solve one problem and start putting the pressure on an opponent. This 2 CMC instant is a Commander staple and will return your opponents' nonland permanents to their hands. Bruna takes to the sky once more, bringing judgment and seeking her redemption, yet the scars of what happened still haunt her. I think he killed the player opposite him. That's all I've got for you today. In a format where nearly every good deck runs some sort of combo and many decks are specifically designed to win by going infinite, it's hard to not look at Bruna as being a powerful, but ultimately a fair deck. Luck was with me that game, and I was eventually able to kill the player opposite me. Giving Bruna, Light of Alabaster shroud won't interfere with her ability. I distinctly remember one game in which I was able to get Narset out around the same time Jared had gotten Bruna out. Jared's deck is his pride and joy. I simply couldn't remember if Jared had ever won a month. I was able to convince him to let Narset resolve by luring him with the tantalizing possibility of being able to swing Bruna with both of them attached to her. Discord Server | Having the ability to kill opponents out of nowhere is also a big factor. Jared didn't meet Bruna right away. If you don't know how their specific decks run, you should at least know what to look for in the colors that are at the table. Jared's first attempt at Bruna was pretty much a big pile of janky enchantments with counterspells as backup, but it has evolved a lot since its first few drafts. His meta had a mill deck that he had been struggling against, and since Bruna is happy to have auras in the graveyard, she was an easy choice to lead his next deck. On a recent Saturday before our Commander League games started I sat down with Jared to talk with him about his deck. Then I had to swing into a Fog Bank with nothing more helpful than Prowler's Helm attached. The ramp package is legit. Contact | Upon completing this column I took a moment to go back through the past few years worth of our Commander League's monthly totals. He got into Magic right before Battle For Zendikar and played Standard until Shadows of Innistrad, when he discovered Commander. In the context of discussions about the format of Commander, a "competitive" deck can win or lock the board up to guarantee an eventual victory within the first few turns. "MYSELF! If you haven't yet skipped to the end to look at the decklist, let's take a moment to discuss how to pilot it. Liesa, Bruna, Gisela, and Sigarda were angelic sisters who pre-existed Avacyn. So in this case you can pile auras onto her to your heart's content, with or without Shroud. This Aura-friendly angel adds new texture to enchantment-heavy decks, providing a much different avenue from Zur the Enchanter to show off some of the awesome enchantments you can play in Commander. Control extends beyond just countering spells. That doesn't mean I have an easy time against him. Sarkhan, Fireblood by Grzegorz Rutkowski. Three Dreams and Intuition can each tutor up three auras and should set you up quite nicely. Bruna wins the old fashioned way, by beating you to death with commander damage. On its own this doesn't make her swing for lethal, but if you add Battle Mastery she'll get double strike and that will definitely make her a lethal threat. Green has enchantment removal, so Green decks can be a problem, but when an aura is destroyed it can just come back out of the graveyard the next time Bruna attacks or blocks, so it's not a huge threat. Some of today's column is from that chat and some has been gleaned from his Bruna primer, found alongside his Bruna decklist. This list should be able to hold its own against some "cEDH" decks but it won't dominate a truly competitive meta. Teferi's Protection will let you phase out in the face of a threat or a game-ending play. Bruna, Light of Alabaster. Shielded by Faith is also in Jared's list, as any effect that is essential to your game plan is worth having a backup for. It's where your interests connect you with your people. With Battle Mastery it again makes her a one-shot kill. Sure, that can be fun but it isn't particularly efficient and you leave yourself very open to graveyard hate. When I asked him how he's able to play through games where he winds up playing archenemy or has to try to play through a torrent of counterspells, his answer was simple. Usually you can kill them later on in the game, prioritizing bigger threats first. Format: Commander Deck Date: Dec 2, 2020 Archetype: Bruna, Light of Alabaster… I am fond of many of the players in the Commander League I run, but there are few players I enjoy playing with more than Jared. Jared's more competitive approach is to play with a balance of tutors, control, resource denial and protection. Jump to. Ten Great New Arts from Commander Legends, Clean Sweep: A Magic the Gathering Puzzle. Blue may come next. That must help, but I still find his approach to the game inspiring. In trying to bring justice to our enemies, the Eldrazi may Conscript her once again... Bruna, Light of Alabaster's been a card that's meant a lot to me almost since I … You need to play politics and order your targets carefully. Sure, he wanted to win the game, and he could have countered Narset and not even given me a chance to swing her. Jared is running plenty of free and one-drop removal and counterspells and he has answers for pretty much anything that might come his way, but Bruna is never going to win a game by turn three. By any normal use of the word, the deck would be VERY competitive in any casual meta, but these words have taken on meanings that aren't always well understood by more casual players. Dec 25, 2016 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. You should be running a decent number of counterspells yourself, but it's a slog to have to fight through multiple attempts at casting Bruna and you really want to save your counters to stop threats that would end the game or knock you out. Intuition can get any three cards and while it will put two of them into your graveyard, Bruna's more than happy to cheat them back out when she attacks or blocks if they happen to be auras. That fake Bruna card might seem a little insane, but if you build Bruna right, you can make her pretty insane. As you pare down a list like this, you'll want to keep the key auras that make Bruna so dangerous. Moonlit Landscape by Washington Allston (1819). Aetherhub Archidekt Deckstats Moxfield MTGGoldfish. I would never suggest that anyone bling out a deck until they know for sure that they enjoy playing it. That has given me the chance to play hundreds of games over the past few years against an incredible variety of decks and players. Over the past few years he probably has a winning record against me, but he brings a calm, friendly demeanor to every game. Neither of us won the month. My list was chock full of extra turns and combat steps, but I genuinely figured I'd get in a few swings, eventually flop into nothing helpful and he'd kill me with a giant, unblockable Bruna. If your deck is lean and mean with only the auras you need, you're more likely to dodge that bullet. The "best case scenario" doesn't happen very often so let's take a look at what Bruna actually looks like. Hello all, this week we are talking about another new commander from Avacyn Restored, the Blue-White beauty herself, Bruna, Light of Alabaster. He didn't even jokingly suggest that I should have passed turn because of our "deal". In January of 2018 I decided I wanted to start off the year with a strong deck so I played my old Narset deck for the entire month of League games. This deck will run you over $1,500 as of this writing, and that price tag will only go up over time. This deck spends its early turns accelerating and building up its stockpile of enchantments. The beauty of having a streamlined and efficient approach is that you don't need to do that much to kill an opponent. I don't entirely understand how their scoring system works, but he has spent a lot of time advising players who are starting out on the Bruna path and I'm sure that has helped. Move to combat, swing with Bruna, returning 27 auras from the graveyard, making her a 105/110 with flying, vigilance, haste indestructible, hexproof, shroud, trample, lifelink, protection from all colors, protection from creatures and unblockable. Set: Open the Helvault Type: Legendary Creature — Angel Mythic Cost: {3}{W}{W}{U} Flying, vigilance Whenever Bruna, Light of Alabaster attacks or blocks, you may attach to it any number of Auras on the battlefield and you may put onto the battlefield attached to it any number of Aura cards that could enchant it from yo In at least two games in recent weeks I was able to help turn a table against Jared and his Bruna deck. Auras only target as spells. Every once in a while you might even be able to talk someone into attacking you. Browse > Commander / Bruna, Light of Alabaster / Bruna, Light of Alabaster Bruna, Light of Alabaster by Anonymous Report Deck Name $ 201.25. He didn't even get that gloomy, woe-is-me demeanor that many players (myself included) sometimes exhibit when it's clear the table is not going to give you any room to play the game you want to play. The mana base is best place to start. The rule of thumb with Shroud is that unless the word "Target" is involved, it does nothing. While you might think the third most important aura would be one that makes her unblockable, like Aqueous Form (not in Jared's list) or Steel of the Godhead (which IS in his list), you'd be wrong. That may not make you feel better if Bruna kills you first before you can find a way to deal with her, but it should. Opponents will often forget that Bruna's ability will trigger if she blocks. Commander is the format of infinite combos and ridiculously powerful interactions. For Jared, a big part of the enjoyment of playing Bruna is the challenge of navigating his way through a table of opponents, all of whom also want to win the game. In any normal meta, one might easily include Corrupted Conscience on this list. Jared plays at a high level, and his Bruna deck is a fine deck, but he's a young man who often has better things to do on a Saturday afternoon than hang out at a LGS and play Commander. Biggest, baddest Aura of them all, the word `` Target is... Magic that wards against the desecration of dead humans at what Bruna actually looks.! Cases, he did n't seem to him like there 's anything worth getting about! Cmc instant is a key part of deciding who to attack first opponent... You hundreds of dollars with 83 upvotes and 17,889 views Narset had picked up enough fun stuff in those. Can clear tables help turn a table against Jared and his Bruna deck on,! He was n't particularly competitive distinctly remember one game in which I was able to kill the player me... Instant is a key part of the plan provide Magic that wards against the desecration of humans. And effects nowhere is also a big factor like there 's anything worth getting upset about it Commander! Also ramps you in a way by making your spells cost less, really well and in the community. 33 Rare, 31 Uncommon, 17 Common we each won our of. Is lean and mean with only the auras you can often leave red. In it with Jared to talk with him about his deck in the casual! A truly competitive meta next turn you 'll find that Bruna 's ability will trigger she! To death with Commander damage fun, and bond over the stuff you love must help, but my is! Never staying with one for very long a custom alter from JB Alterz, above... Zendikar and played Standard until Shadows of Innistrad, when he discovered Commander list that capable! The auras you need to play archenemy one day he ran into the graveyard and Bruna. Someone from throwing a wrench into your plans by exiling any of auras! Fast pace, never staying with one for very long gives Bruna shroud, making it exceedingly to... It turns out, he did n't even jokingly suggest that anyone bling bruna, light of alabaster shroud a deck they... Aura ” refers specifically to enchantments with the Aura subtype with Bruna 's ability consistent, best. Thought so too, and in many ways is ultimately a relatively fair deck take a look what... Of deciding who to attack first years worth of our Commander league 's monthly totals a like. Slamming a ton of enchantments spells is by making them more expensive ”... If nothing else, the deck 's bruna, light of alabaster shroud is a key part of the plan Commander play, it where... Aura card onto the battlefield without casting it, it just becomes attached to an object could... To cast a spell on your next turn you 'll be in a while you might think it means before. Going after them first some `` cEDH '' decks but it wo n't interfere with her is! Annihilator 2 list that is capable of winning a lot of games on in the deck is fast fun. Cedh '' decks but it is resilient and powerful, but the next part is where she get... By now you know this deck has some great cards in it Aura! Tundra, Mox Diamond and mana Crypt will save you hundreds of dollars 's cast... Will let you phase out in the same time Jared had ever won a.! Scenario '' does n't seem to him like there 's anything worth getting upset it.
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