Kinman Traditionals - fantastic sounding, hum free pickups… fender 57/62 vs cs 69. hey guys, going to get a loaded pickguard and drop it in one of my mexican strats. $179.99. These pickups deliver vintage-Strat sound, feel … If you are going to replace the pickups on your Strat, one of the … Fender Custom Shop '69 Stratocaster pickups produce one of the most revered guitar sounds in popular music history-the full, punchy late-'60s blues rock tone that ruled the era from Monterey on the West Coast to Woodstock on the East Coast. I go to their website, but they have 3 sets on there: original precision bass, custom shop … Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. 2. 712. Fender Vintage '57/'62 vs Custom 69 for JM tone. The Fender Stratocaster Original 57/62 Pickup Set contains 3 pickups that were reverse-engineered from an original '63 Strat. Fender 57/62 Pickups Amp : Vox AC15CC No pedal, no effects A little bit of reverb in post prod' I prefer something a little more ballsy. These Fender Original '57/'62 Strat Pickups … For example, the Custom Shop 54's sound a bit thuddy to me, but I love the middle position pickup (from what I can tell on sound clips). 25 product ratings - Genuine Fender Custom Shop '69 Stratocaster Pickups Set - White - 099-2114-000. Your dreams are what make the Fender Custom Shop the reality that it is today. The Fralins are even better for SRV if you have an … Pure Vintage '65 Jaguar® Pickup … Fender developed this Stratocaster pickup set in close … 69s are little brighter and not as hot. Compare. Compare. From its inception in 1987, the Custom Shop has grown from two builders to today’s more than 50 artisans—a veteran band of builders, each a specialist dedicated to their own area of expertise—working together to build your ideal Fender … Fender Custom Shop Custom '69 Strat single-coil pickups produce the full, punchy tone that defined rock in the late … Original ’57/’62 Strat® Pickups. These pickups are very well-balanced, articulate (even with a lot of gain), and very much convey that classic strat tone we all know and love. These single-coil pickups … Now, I've been doing some research and the two main option this boils down to for a JM tone are the Fender Vintage '57/'62 and the Fender Custom 69 … So far, I think they are the best pickups … Much hotter - fabulous, ballsy all-rounders. You won't see new '69 pickups wound by Abby any more, and this makes the old stock of Abby signed pickups … They're like the cs69 but with RWRP middle pickup, a slightly hotter bridge, beveled magnets, scatterwound, AND the polepieces on the neck pickup … The guitar now has Fender Custom Shop 69 Pickups. Learn More . Better for Hendrix-y psychedelic stuff. i've always been a humbucker guy, but wanted change so i bought a tex mex loaded … Here's a short comparison I made between the V-mod pickups in my Am Prof V and my Am Orig 60s P with the pure 63 pickups. These pickups deliver … LIMITED EDITION. I installed these pickups in July of 2015, and I was immediately blown away by the results. C $305.33. ... Fender Custom Shop … Dunno about the duncans but the D.Allen Voodoo 69s. Re: SSL-1 vs Fender Custom Shop '69 The Fender CS69s are great pups, but the SSL-1 is a bit stronger than them. Don't want to say too much but I think it's pretty clear that the new … I found the bridge pickup lacking on both the 69’s and the 57/62’s. Fender® American Vintage Stratocaster® guitar Fender Original '57/'62 Strat® single-coil pickups are reverse-engineered from a 1963 Stratocaster guitar. Fender Original '57/'62 Strat Pickups Fende American Vintage Stratocaster guitar Fender Original '57/'62 Strat single-coil pickups are reverse-engineered from a 1963 Stratocaster guitar. Original Vintage Tele® Pickups. I went to youtube to get an idea of what different pickups sound like against each other (some duncans, fralins I think, DiMarzios, etc), and, by golly, I think the Fender brand ones are my favourite. £239.99 Inc. VAT. I would compare these pickups … £159.99 Inc. VAT. I use these mics for the past one or two months, a strat Higway 1. These Genuine Fender pickups deliver the original vintage Strat sound, feel, and … Custom Shop Custom '69 Strat® Pickups, (3) The Sound of Woodstock. Fender Eric Johnson Stratocaster Pickups. Add To Cart. Fender Custom Shop '69 Stratocaster pickups produce one of the most revered guitar sounds in popular music history-the full, punchy late-'60s blues rock tone that ruled the era from Monterey on the West … chell09. 6.5 Kohms for the … These pickups sound amazing to my ears, and are not very hot at all. Fender Custom Shop '69 Stratocaster pickups produce one of the most revered guitar sounds in popular music history-the full, … I like the Custom Shop 69's, but they're a bit bright and "juiced" sounding, and I definitely don't like the middle position pickup … Watch as Eugene Edwards demos the Custom '69 Strat Pickups. Fender Player Strat LOADED PICKGUARD PICKUPS Stratocaster *Custom Shop Fat 50s* $219.99. Fender Custom Shop 2020 Mid-Year Limited Edition Collection. I mean, they are just so different from say, humbuckers. 712. chell09. Learn more about Fender Pickups at Re: Duncan PSYCHEDELIC STRAT Pickups vs Fender Custom Shop 69? Your looking at DC resistance of 5.80 Kohms for the CS69s vs approx. On my strats I’ve ended up with: 1: BK Irish Tours on my main guitar. They are very nice. Fender Strat Hot Noiseless Pickups. Style: Traditional - Custom Shop 69 Verified Purchase. Our Fender Custom Shop Custom '54 Strat pickups authentically recreate the clear tones and heightened sustain that made the Stratocaster the most revered guitar in rock history. Post Feb 15, 2009 #1 2009-02-15T13:21. NEW Fender Stratocaster LOADED PICKGUARD Strat Vintage 65 Parchment 3 Ply 8 Hole. The sound of Woodstock as heard on various Fender Custom Shop Stratocaster guitars. Hey guys, I'm looking to upgrade the PUs in my Squier Classic Vibe 60s Strat. I play a Peavey Classic 30 with HP Retube Vintage 30. Some people who play Les Pauls, for example, have picked up the 69 … They are more mellow and allow you to crank your amp without the guitar sounding too overpowering. My HSS stratocaster is close to getting my dream tone but not quite cutting it. They replace the Fender Custom Shop 69, who had replaced them even the microphones of origin. I had the ’69 custom shop pickups in a Fender Custom Shop ’69 NOS strat that I bought awhile ago. Although the 69's do Stevie, the Blues Specials are made for it! Custom-Built. Yes, since Sept. 2011, the newer '69 pickups produced by Fender Custom Shop are no longer dated and initialed by Abby, as the women, who wound pickups for Jimi Hendrix himself, is retiring.