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I offer professional private lessons to people of all levels and ages in Virginia Beach, VA. Lesson includes a balance of piano playing, music theory, solfeggio and sight reading..

What are the benefits of playing piano?
Playing piano can benefit in different ways such as, increasing brain development, eye-hand coordination, fine motor skills, discipline, reducing anxiety, stress and depression and much more. Studies show that playing piano can improve or enhance people’s brains. This is because musical training can have major and long-term impact on the brain, creating additional neural connections in childhood that can last a lifetime, and thus help compensate for cognitive declines later in life.

Major benefits for kids
Piano lessons can increase children’s coordination. Students who play the piano have improved fine motor skills, and unlike other instruments, the piano requires both hands to work independently of each other, one moving fast while the other may be moving at a slower rate. All of these things help to increase a child’s coordination. Piano lessons help children to focus. You may wonder if playing piano is easy for beginners. Though reading a piece of music is not easy at all, with much practice the child will interpret a note and a rhythm, translate it into hand and finger movements on the piano, and then instantly go on to the next one. Reading and playing music allow children to think both critically and artistically, which are skills that children can use their entire life.

Your child can gain a great deal of advantages when learning to play piano.

Psychological effect
Studies show that time playing piano offers emotional rewards, as well. Those who play piano on a regular basis experience less anxiety, stress and depression.

Do I need theory in order to become a piano performer?
Absolutely! Music theory is the knowledge of basic music grammar which includes scale and interval singing. Music theory is taught at every level of music education, from primary through graduate level university study. It improves recognition of intervals (perfect fifths, minor sixths, diminished sevenths, etc.), and strengthens the understanding of music theory. Why is music theory so important? It is because, people who use some kind of solfeggio system (solmization), tend to improve fluency with pitch faster and more systematically than people who use no system.

Importance of sight-reading.
My lessons can help with sight-reading, which means the ability to read and play (or sing) at first sight. Learning to sight-read piano music is a similar discipline that will significantly develop your skills as a piano or keyboard player. Like learning to read words, it will take time and practice, but it’s a skill you will come to appreciate your entire life.

I teach a special technique which helps to improve your skills easier and much faster.
Russian Piano School is one of the best and very unique compared others. With the method I offer to all of my students, you will learn how to play the piano, and enjoy exceptional technique values. Here is one of the examples of how I teach to practice the scales, although it’s common to learn two-octave scales in Virginia area and US in general, I prefer teaching “Russian school” scales, which are four-octave ones, including contrary motions. This type of scales is the great way to improve the technique ability, not only for kids and beginners, but for advanced students or adults as well. We should not forget that one of the reasons pianists play the scales is because scales as fundamentals, are referred to various works of many composers, which make studying new pieces much easier. There are a huge variety of scales, chords and arpeggios for all levels, which I usually cover.

Where do you conduct the classes?
I offer in-home piano-lessons at your convenience, or at my studio conveniently located at 522 Central Drive #101 Virginia Beach, VA 23454. Online classes are also available; please contact me for more information. Although my lessons are fun, I do require dedication as a part of the whole educational process. I love when students are excited about learning and look forward to coming every week. My students are assigned to repertoire appropriate to their level and ability. The lesson duration can vary from 30 to 60 minutes per session, one or two times per week. Seeing my students conquer their challenges and accomplish their goals are my greatest reward.

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