Piano Lessons in Virginia Beach

Hello, my name is Uma, and I am a pianist and specialized piano instructor in Hampton Roads, Virginia Beach, VA. I provide quality in-class, or in-home piano lessons. I offer piano lessons to children and adults of all ages, and from beginner through advanced. While you are here researching the best music instructor for you, please consider the benefits of becoming one of my students. Whether your child wants to begin playing his or her first notes on piano… a college student looking for help with your music major… or someone seeking a professional career… I know that everyone’s learning process is unique, so lessons are personalized to suit your individualized needs. This ensures that you choose your goals, and accomplish them in a way that works best for you.

Uma’s first piano recital 2017
Photo from recent piano recital December 4, 2022

Why piano? How does it differ from other instruments?
Piano students obtain a special path than most other instrumental students, and the reason is simple: piano is a solo instrument. Though there are many piano pieces with ensemble and duet music, and although advanced pianists often play with choral groups and instrumentalists, or with orchestras, piano learning is a private activity that leads to a solo performance. One of the greatest advantages of private piano lessons, is individual attention. Lessons focus on the student’s strengths and weaknesses. Piano is a compound activity that requires the student, to focus on sensors such as the ear, eye, touch, and intellectual understanding. Each student reaches these essentials in a different way.

Getting excellent results
My unique method includes an individual approach to my student’s needs that will help prevent students from getting bored or frustrated. Some students may progress slowly and may want to quit, but with my techniques, I ensure that students are not just learning to play, but also enjoying the music in the process. I take the initiative to study my students, and design a teaching method that suits their individual needs. Keeping up with student’s needs and progress are important. My students simply learn in a fun and effective manner.
Visit my testimonial page to see what my students are saying. I have a proven track record of offering quality piano services. My full time mission is to inspire students by providing high-quality piano lessons, trusted by families since 2009. In the process, my students learn discipline, confidence and responsibility.

Basic requirements and information for taking piano classes.
I teach individual students of all ages. My class consists of very diverse students of different ages, levels, and goals. I offer many options of taking piano lessons. Typically for those students who take the lessons for their general education, we meet on a weekly basis and a common session is 45 minutes long, though options also include 30 or 60 minute long sessions, depending on a preference and each individual student’s capability. For those who pursue a carrier of becoming professional pianists, I recommend taking the lessons 2-3 times a week with the same variety of the session duration, although it requires much more practicing as well.

Is there a minimum repertoire per year?
Student’s repertoire requirement includes a minimum 5 pieces per year (3 of the compositions from contrasting style periods – Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary). Learning techniques, such as etudes, scales and arpeggios, are also an important component of my teaching.

What can lead to become a successful piano player?
My mission as a piano instructor is to believe in everyone’s ability to play any kind of musical instrument, especially the piano, at almost any age. The student’s desire to learn and be disciplined, play a huge role. Music is like a universal language and the skills you learn will last your entire life.

Where are you located and how do I contact you?
My studio is located at 522 Central Dr #101 Virginia Beach VA, 23454 (by appointment only). You may call me at (757) 677-1025

COVID-19 safety precautions at our school

  • All surfaces and pianos are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, using products that are effective against a range of organisms and viruses, including the coronavirus that causes COVID-19.
  •  We clean our waiting room after each student.
  •  Hand sanitizer is always available.
  •  Our staff members sanitize and wash their hands before each lesson.
  •  All staff members wear facemask at all times.
  • Students are not required to wear a facemask if fully vaccinated.
  • Students under age 16 are not required to wear a facemask.