Would definitely recommend anyone who’s thinking to start piano classes at any age!!! My niece has been taking classes with Uma for about a year n she’s loving her! Once, i went to pick her up after class n we had little chat, after which I also decided to take her piano classes, as long as always wanted to do so, but never had time for that! So, being in my 20s, and never learned a piece of music, after several month of training I feel that I’m making some progress! Can’t wait the day when I’m gonna proudly playing my favorite piece of Moonlight sonata of Beethoven.

Jessica from Long Island

As a total beginner I can’t praise Ms. Sharipova enough for her remarkable professionalism both as a teacher and as a performer (apart from her own performances, she often illustrated on the piano exactly how she wanted me to play, it helped so much). She has a fantastic personality and a masterful ability to communicate something that could easily be so tough to understand and boring – I remember it from my childhood when I briefly took lessons with a different teacher, it was excruciatingly boring. After a couple of years under the guidance of Ms Sharipova and her superb method of teaching, I can now tell my parents that I can play piano, read music and understand theory, and absolutely YES, I’m loving it! Thank you so much, Ms. Uma Sharipova!

Mark from West Village

Studying with Uma has totally changed my experience with the piano. I’ve gained awareness of technique, practice performance which has transformed my playing. For the better, I highly recommend Uma to those seeking piano lessons, you will not be disappointed.

Sarah from Brooklyn